We use several makes and sizes “different horses for different courses “ 

All these extruding machines are equipped with either electrical or hydraulic vibrating pokers, electronic steering & level guidance and have a 3-8m/minute extrusion rate, hereby a couple of pictures and technical data of these machines:

Curb master Robot:
These are our oldest machines, highly modified and adapted for the use in South African conditions.


Gomaco  Commander  2:
This machine could be used for side and centre pour configurations, the machine also has the ability to “widen” itself to adapt to various site conditions.


Power Curber 5500:
The machine is driven by 3 powered tracks for better traction, used only in the side pour configuration, profiles of up 1.2m wide and .85m high could be placed.


Power Curber 8700
The 8700 is our largest machine in the pool and weighs in at 10 tonnes; we could configure this machine as a side pour or a centre pour with widths of up to 2.5m. Ideal for pouring large side drains whilst running on the road surface.


The Karoo Batch Plant
This legendary piece of equipment is used to batch the dry materials into the concrete mixer truck. It is loaded from behind with a small front end loader. The Karoo batch plant could be lowered and towed behind a truck when moving to another site.


Front End Loader (FEL)

We use a CAT 910 FEL to load materials into the Karoo batcher.


6m³ Truck Mixer

We use a standard 6m³ with a hydraulically driven mixing unit mounted on 3 axle truck with the exception that an additional engine (donkey engine) is used which is dedicated to the operation of the hydraulic  system which drives the mixing drum, this is to bring about a continuous  discharge of concrete into the extruder. The Truck mixer is used to mix the raw materials/aggregates and to transport the ready mixed concrete to the point of dispatch.